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The project of Mo Market Commercial Center

1. Client: Vinaconex Corporation

2. Total investment capital : 1.500.000.000.000 VND

3. Period: 2008 to 20011

4. Consultant Agent: Vinaconsult,.jsc

Project’s Information:

Mo Market is a traditional market which was born many decades ago for agricultural exchange & people’s essential needs. Nowadays, our life & the society’s consumption needs are affected due to the social development, the urbanization process, the integration of international economy. Moreover, Mo market that has been seriously degraded, is no longer suitable for the market economy & social development; no longer satisfies the environmental requirements, commercial & urban civilization; no longer fulfills the people’s various needs for goods exchange. So that Mo Market Commercial Center should be born to respond for the objective reality of economic development & society, commercial civilization, tourisim and reshape Hanoi new city forward to  Thang Long - Hanoi 1000 years Anniversary.

General plan of Mo Market Commercial Centre

The built-up area of the project is located in 495C Bach Mai Street (Bach Mai-Minh Khai cross), Truong Dinh Ward, Hai Ba Trung Ha Noi.

Position: Its boundary as following:

-   In the North: It’s next to  495 alley Bach Mai & residential area

-   In the south: It’s next to Minh Khai street (intend to widen 70 meters )

-   In the East: Next to 9th alley & residential area 

 -      In the west: Next to Bach Mai Street (intend to widen 30 meters)

Mo Market Commercial Center, looked  from Minh Khai street

Mo Market Commercial Center, looked  from Bach Mai street

Scope of Mo Market Construction:

+  Four basements for parking

+ One semi-basement for resettlement market

+ Block of 5 floors with function as the commercial center

+ B Block from 6th floor to 15th floor has function as high-class apartment for rent

- Ground floor area:                              4545 square meters, with floor height of 4.5 meters

- Working floor space of second storey:  4722.65 square meters, with floor height of 4.5 meters

- Working floor space of 3nd, 4th, 5th floor:  4978.49 m2 with floor height of 4.5 meters

- Working floor space of 6th storey:  3966.16 m2 with floor height of 3.7 meters

- Working floor area from 7th to 15th storey:  3964.16 m2 with floor height of 3.7 meters

- Working floor area from 16th to 24th storey:  2387.67 m2 with floor height of 3.7 meters

- Working floor area of 25th storey:  2124 m2 with floor height of 3.7 meters

Besides that the commercial centre has 2 technical storeys

        + Total floor area: 87044 m2

        + Building height from ground level to roof apex: 107.5 meters without exceeding the area’s condition height.

* Basement: the center is designed with 4 basements and the floor area for each storey is 10.172 sqm  to ensure usable floor space for whole buildings.

- These 4 basements have the holding capacity of 742 motobikes & 983 cars, the others are auxiliary floor area (safeguards, stock, technical zone, basement aisle).

- The floor area of semi-basement is 10172sqm, including 1096 market pavilions for people’s business.

* Ground floor: Its area is 4545m2 & the open space to green trees helps to create favourable landscape for community centre. The office hall is in the South, looking out modern & luxurious Minh Khai road. Both halls of the centre are arranged symmetrically & its space is placed airily to maximaze its convenience.The hall of high-grade apartment area is set up separately in the North. Two subpaths to the centre is approached from Minh Khai street.

* 2nd to 5th Floor: all areas are for the commercial centre, the others are for the corridor,  sanitation, lift system & stairway.The air shaft from first to fith floor is in the middle to create the airy space, to help people looking more clearly and go easily for their shopping.

* 6th to 25th Floor: Block A is the high-grade offices for lease. 25th Floor is for bars, cafes, restaurants, ...

* 6th to 15th: Block B is the high-grade apartment for lease including 4 different types: A1 (162m2); A2 (120m2); B1 (100m2); B2 (97m2); C( 71m2). All bedrooms are directly to outside space . The buildings is designed to satisfy all standards of disabled persons.

* 6th Floor: The green garden which is on its roof to get the natural aeration, makes people there feel more comfortable & highlight the buidings itself.

    Architectural form: The construction is made by the harmonious architectural space that is in accordance with the concept plan of street space & the detailed plan of Hai Ba Trung dist; between inside & outside space of the planned area, all help to highlight its particularly architectural style for the area. Moreover, its advantages are completely exploited to create  the attractive space, the convenient  & comfortable living environment for users. The buildings’ windows are the structural glass arrays with simple but luxurious traceries, solid cubics.The use of  modern materials that is researched & applied for the construction’s hard-surface runway by the employer & the designer, has satisfied the harmorny & esthetics of the system.

After finishing, the Mo Market Commercial Centre that is considered a busy crowding shopping paradise serving any demand of the tenant here, high-grade commercial service, will be an advanced & moderm center model in Hanoi. Further to this, it also makes ex-Mo market larger, cleaner & more suitable for the regional and world economic development.


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